About Astoria

Astoria Liberty TheaterAstoria, Oregon

The City of Astoria is located in Clatsop County, Oregon. It is situated on a narrow peninsula in the northwest part of the state near where the mouth of the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean. Astoria is easily accessible by land, air and water – the Columbia River provides a local deep-water port, the Port of Astoria, which is still active today, there is a local regional airport and there are two U.S. highways that go through the city. U.S. Route 30 runs right through the Historic Downtown and U.S. Route 101 utilizes the Astoria-Megler Bridge to connect Oregon and Washington.

Astoria is a vibrant, authentic and historic town of approximately 10,000 people. Homes stack up the hills in Astoria San Francisco style with awesome bay and river views. The City was on an economic upswing until the economy shifted over the last three years. It has reinvented itself as a tourist destination and draws people from many parts of the world because of its unique history and flavor.

ADHDA's primary focus is comprised of 36 blocks: from 6th to 17th Streets and from Exchange Street to the Columbia River.  In downtown Astoria, you can find an eclectic mixture of retail, restaurants, and services. There is also a large arts community throughout Astoria.