Astor Hotel, space available for lease 1421 Commercial St.   503.717.1020  
Astoria Chrysler Plymouth Dodge 1625 Exchange St.   503.325.3421  
Automotive Service Building 1303 Exchange St.   503.325.0641  
Available 905 Commercial St.   503.325.4900  
Available 750 Commercial St.    
Available 1254 Commercial St.   503.325.5931  
Available 1255 Commercial St.   503.325.6688  
Available 1169 Marine Dr., upper floors    
Available 322 10th St.   503.325.9089  
Available 1210 Marine Dr.    
Available 375 11th St.    
Available 385 11th St.    
Available 1490 Commercial St. Ste 200 Floor 2   503.325.3400  
Available 943 Commercial St.   For lease: 503.325.4900  
For Sale 254-266 9th St.    
For Sale 1239 Duane St.   503.338.7270  
Waldorf Hotel 1053, 1067 Duane St.    

For additional information outside of the downtown historic district please visit the Astoria-Warrenton Chamber of Commerce website (

ASTORIA MAKERS - MEET YOUR BUSINESS NEIGHBOR - The Astoria Makers purchased a building downtown and are rapidly advancing on plans to open a community oriented Makerspace, including tool and space rental, and collaborative work environments.

FRUFFLES - MEET YOUR BUSINESS NEIGHBOR - Fruffles is a home decor and gift boutique specializing in kitchen goods and gadgets.

RUSTY DAHLIA - MEET YOUR BUSINESS NEIGHBOR - Rusty Dahlia is a rustic vintage home decor and more boutique on 10th Street near the Riverwalk in Downtown Astoria. They also offer crafting and gardening workshops.

MO'S CHOWDER - GET TO KNOW YOUR BUSINESS NEIGHBOR - Mo's Chowder comes to Astoria's historic waterfront; learn more about the company and Get to Know Your Business Neighbor