Sunday Market is in Full Swing!

2023-05-31T15:02:24-07:00May 1, 2024|Featured, General, News|

Astoria Sunday Market marks the return of fresh flower bouquets, tasty kettle corn, and regionally grown produce. Over 150 vendors display their artisan wares, bringing you handmade products directly from their workshops. Reconnect with your favorite vendors and enjoy chance meetings with friends as you stroll through this lively open-air marketplace in the heart of downtown Astoria! Sunday Market

Sunday Market Sponsorships

2024-02-26T20:22:42-08:00Feb 26, 2024|Featured, General, News|

Want to help this important part of our economy thrive? The Astoria Sunday Market is looking for sponsors for the 2024 Market season. Choose from a variety of levels and benefits and have your business recognized all summer long! This opportunity is open now through April 1st and more info can be found at: or reach out to Tamara with questions:🍆🥔🌽🥒🍒🥬🥦🧄

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