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Films with Benefits, our inaugural hi-fi film trivia event kicked off with a rousing start earlier this month, ushering in a new era of trivia excellence. Fortunately, our trivia team never sleeps, consuming endless films in search of the next best thing. So mark your calendar… our next Films with Benefits trivia event is a little over a week away on Thursday, March 9: Mixtape (Movies About Music).

Mixtape will feature questions from fictionalized and semi-fictionalized films that center around music and musicians. Mind you, this won’t include include documentaries or concert films, or traditional musicals (e.g., Sound of Music, West Side Story, etc. –we’ll do that later!). Mixtape will include films that feature characters who are singers and musicians and therefore perform music in the course of their lives. So pop in to the Criterion Channel, Netflix, or Video Horizons, and start prepping for Mixtape!