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Astoria Arts and Culture District Meeting

The Ten Fifteen Theater 1015 Commercial St, Astoria, OR, United States

OREGON’S CREATIVE & CULTURAL DISTRICTS PILOT PROGRAM WHAT IS A CREATIVE & CULTURAL DISTRICT? A Creative or Cultural District is an area with a high concentration of arts and/or cultural facilities and events that serve as anchors of attraction within their community. The district reflects the community’s unique cultural heritage through its built environment and history, showcasing the region’s artists and cultural traditions while increasing social engagement and visitors. Creative & Cultural Districts are found in all types of communities from small and rural to large and urban. They are created by the community to advance the community’s goals. Creative & Cultural Districts are a catalyst for regional investment ranging from downtown revitalization, localized economic development and recovery measures, and serve as an incentive for new or relocating businesses. The role Creative & Cultural Districts play in providing a vibrant and appealing environment is a major factor in retaining young citizens and their families, attracting a creative workforce, and positioning the community as a cultural tourism destination while supporting existing residents. Music, dance and theater events, artists’ studios and galleries, historic buildings and museums, and street fairs and festivals contribute to the quality of life for residents and visitors alike. Creative & Cultural Districts entice people out of their homes into vibrant social spaces where families and neighbors engage with their local talent and cultural assets. Creative & Cultural Districts can offer opportunities for children, youth and adults to experience lifelong learning through the arts. Districts are led by the community and provide community-driven solutions to local problems and needs. Often communities create districts as way to retain and recruit artists, beautify downtowns, encourage visitation, and engage and elevate underserved communities. Communities will have increased success in reaching Hillsboro Cultural Arts District their goals with this type of intentional [...]

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